Create a Pathology Request Form

Setup Encryption

  1. Click the Add Encrypted Files button (bottom of page).
  2. Enter a patient password (determined by clinician / patient via other channel). Patient will use the patient password to access the encrypted resources.
  3. Enter a rescue password. Clinicians can use the rescue password to access the encrypted resources.
  4. Click “Create Encrypted Section” button

Create Request Form

  1. In the Encrypted Contents section, click the “+ Request Form” button.
  2. Select a Pathology Provider to use their request form
  3. Enter in all relevant details
    • Clinic details can be saved by clicking the “Save Current Clinic Details” button
  4. Click “Submit” button. (top right corner)
  5. PDF of the Pathology Request form will appear within the encrypted section.

Access Encrypted Section

  1. Patient enters patient password into password field
  2. Click on the decrypted file to download and view.