2021 Q4 New features


A new questionnaire builder has been added. You can access it from the drop down in the sidebar. Patients can fill in questionnaires, and you can monitor their answers in realtime by clicking on the summary button. An example of what you can build can be found here: https://healthstencil.com/templates/depression-and-anxiety/

Encrypted clinician notes tab

New clinician notes tab on the right of the text editor. The information entered here will be visible to the clinician only. It is also encrypted using 128-bit encryption and stored separately and securely.

Reminders tab

You can schedule a reminder email or sms at a chosen date and time. This is useful for reminder your patient to look at their plan at a given time. Useful instances include reminder a patient to review pre-operative instructions.

Calendar view (under Open Modal)

View patient handouts by appointment or surgical dates. You can add appointment or surgical dates by clicking on the bradma label.

Bradma label

Add optional patient identification details. This gives greater confidence as to who the handout belongs to. Bradma patient identification details are carried over to any request forms you create. All sensitive patient data is 128-bit encrypted and then stored using strict security rules.

Open modal

Easily access your shared handouts. Search by Bradma label details.

Quick password hints

Allows inclusion of predefined password hint instructions or custom text when providing encrypted content

Encrypted share log

Clinicians can see SMS and email addresses of previous shares for each handout. Details are encrypted.

Encrypted patient information

Patient information can be added to the handout, and seen only by the clinician. These include name, date of birth, and identifier.