Empowering Doctors

At HealthStencil we want to empower doctors with the right tools to deliver impact wherever they work. Modern doctors are spread across multiple clinics, so we’ve created a web app that you can access anywhere.

You’re in control

We believe that you should be in control of your digital tools and that your shortcuts and templates should not be locked into any particular practice management software. They should be easily brought with you if you decide to move your clinical practice to another location or work place.

Use it anywhere

Whether it be in the emergency department of a small rural town, to a progressive GP clinic, our mobile friendly site is ready to use.

No need for integration

We believe that the benefits of keeping your tools separately online outweigh any inconveniences. After all, with our copy feature, you can copy the HealthStencil plan and paste it into your clinic’s electronic medical record in a few seconds, and our web app is just an alt-tab away!

Like our philosophy? Have any other suggestions? Please send us a message through the Contact Us section of our web app.