No App Download Required

Easy No App Download Solution

Apps are all the rage, but did you know that on average, 85% of apps go unused? This is even after overcoming the challenges of finding the right app, downloading it, creating a new account, and logging in. As you can imagine, this is a very inconvenient method for a patient to receive information from their doctor securely.

Fast, Browser Only

At HealthStencil, we have created a new way for share patient education through the web browser only. No app downloads, no registration or sign ups for your patient. Just a fast and simple way for your patient to get the information you want to give them.

Secure and Convenient

Each HealthStencil handout is accessible via a unique 20-character deep-web url, which would take 20 trillion trillion years to crack . Even then, we would recommend only transmitting personal identifying information through our 128-bit password-protected end-to-end browser-based encrypted section. In that section, you may add text or embed sensitive files, knowing that the encrypted contents are automatically deleted after 30 days. The unencrypted contents will remain accessible by your patient indefinitely. You now have the benefit of convenience and security for your communication needs. Por que no los dos!