Share Personalised Patient Handouts via SMS

At, we have just enabled SMS as a way to very quickly share patient handouts.

Why SMS?

SMS can sometimes be the most convenient method of sharing as a patient’s mobile phone number is already verified when booking a telehealth consultation.

It is instantly seen by your patient, more reliable than email, and provides better engagement, particularly for individuals who find it difficult to manage email or QR code.

Free, Fast and Easy

For a limited time, sharing via SMS is free on HealthStencil.

To use it, enter your patient’s phone number, tick the relevant checkboxes and click send. A pop up notification will appear to confirm that your SMS was successfully sent.

What your patient sees

The SMS your patient receives has a direct link to your handout.

What situations will you use it for?

Sharing your patient handout via SMS is perfect for phone telehealth consultations where you want to create a shared space to type a plan your patient can view in real-time. Your patient can see text as you type, highlight, share links to questionnaires; enhancing the phone consultation experience.

Try it today! We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this feature!