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Our Story

During COVID in 2020, founder Dr Jonathan Wee was trying to find a solution to share information with his patient. Wary about the limitations of email and paper, he couldn’t find anything that had the right balance of security and convenience. So he built one.

Fast forward to the present, HealthStencil has become a collection of integral digital tools he uses to improve the patient-doctor experience at his clinics. By focusing on the individual doctor’s needs, HealthStencil has created a user-friendly, resource packed platform for managing patient engagement online.

We make medicine magical

The HealthStencil team are coming up with ways to improve the healthcare experience using the latest tools and technologies.

We believe that with the right mindset, laser-like focus, and a ton of hard work, we can transform the healthcare system into a truly magical experience for both doctors and patients. You can read more about our fanatical team down below!

If you love our work, have a good idea, or want to get involved, then send us a message at Contact Us.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke

Meet the team

Dr Jonathan Wee

Dr Jonathan Wee


Jonathan is a practicing General Practitioner (MC Medical, Docklands, Victoria), coder, and a father of 2. How he finds the time, no one really knows.

After studying at the University of Melbourne, he specialized in General Practice through the North Western Melbourne PHN.

Using his skills in web development, he has been creating personal digital tools for over 3 years.

With his imagination and direct experience treating patients, Jonathan is always thinking about design, user experience, and how to make things better.

Dr Aaron Wong

Dr Aaron Wong


Aaron is a radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Fellow with a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and product development.

After studying at the University of Melbourne, he trained through the Melbourne, Monash, and Barwon Health networks.

While Artificial Intelligence has been a looming concern in radiology, he also sees it as an amazing opportunity for improvement across the healthcare sector.

Aaron brings an experimental, systems-based focus to the team.