HealthStencil for Enterprise

  • Free telehealth solution
  • Easy online access with web browser
  • Data hosted and managed in Australia
  • Cloud platform, no installation or maintenance

Incorporate patient engagement software without interrupting your practice.

HealthStencil is build so that healthcare professionals can conveniently access all the digital tools to engage and inform patients at the point of care. Our platform is free, simply sign up, provide your AHPRA number, and access unlimited messaging and secure file transfers. No wasted time and no disruptions to your routine.

  • Give each patient their own dedicated webpage
  • Inbuilt end-to-end encryption for sharing secure files
  • Allow remote online, offline, or hybrid sharing with QR codes, SMS, or email messaging.
  • Create custom templates, shortcuts, and clinical assessment forms

The process is seamless for patients. They don’t need to download, sign up or login.