HealthStencil for Clinicians

Future-proof your career in healthcare

  • Free cloud-platform to store your digital tools.
  • Use it across multiple clinics or hospitals.
  • Go beyond video telehealth with chat, secure file transfers, and patient forms.
  • Regular new feature releases
  • Transform into a leading digital health pro

Streamline workflows

  • HealthStencil is flexible and can fit nearly any clinical workflow
  • For standard instructions, make 1 handout. Print out the QR code for your treatment area or give the URL to your receptionist to distribute. The 1 handout will always be up-to-date
  • For custom instructions, create new handouts and apply templates to save time.
  • Create keyboard shortcuts for further quick entry.
  • Store and access all your digital tools in one location!

Start using it today!

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  • No wasted time and no disruptions to your routine.
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