No App Download Required

One of the main functionalities of HealthStencil that differentiates itself from other competitors in the market is it’s ability for users to operate the platform without downloading any apps. No, this was not because we did not know how to make an app, it was completely intentional to not only benefit the patient, but for the doctor in charge as well. Let’s find out why not having an app is super handy!

Convenience and Speed

At HealthStencil, we understand how valuable time and convenience is when conferring with patients. Many other telehealth and online consultation platforms involve the user downloading the application, creating an account, logging in each time and changing the apps settings constantly. We noticed this became extremely inconvenient not only for doctors, but patients in addition. This in turn, often created patients becoming hesitant in using telehealth platforms.

To overcome this, we have created a new way to share patient education, improve health literacy and perform online health consultations all through your online browser. This results in no irrelevant app downloads, constant app updates and most importantly, no registration and signups for your patient. Just a fast and simple way for your patient to get the information you want to give them without any of the complications.


The team at HealthStencil has created a security-safe system protecting the patient and doctor when using our platform. One of the most prominent concerns in the 21st century is the problem of cybersecurity, digital attacks and stealing of online information. When downloading an application, many users are unsure of who is actually behind the app and where their information is being stored. Each HealthStencil is accessible via a unique 20-character deep-web url, which would take 20 trillion trillion years to crack. This keeps not only your patients confidential information safe, but also the information you are communicating with them.

In conjunction with this, we have also included an exclusive section for sharing special information such as patient specific information. This section is a 128-bit password-protected end-to-end browser-based encrypted section. This would approximately take 1 billion billion years to crack by a potential cyber attack. In that section, you may add text or embed sensitive files, knowing that the encrypted contents are automatically deleted after 30 days. The unencrypted contents will remain accessible by your patient indefinitely.


One of the main reasons the team at HealthStencil chose to launch their platform on the web instead of transitioning into a mobile application is due to its accessibility for patients. Believe it or not, many individuals use products that are not Apple or Samsung such as different tablets or smartphones. Creating a downloadable application would create too much difficulty with the large variety of phone, tablet, and computer devices. This gives all patients, no matter which brand or viewing device they are using, the ability to communicate with their doctor without having to worry about if the app is available on their device.

Many doctors may also encounter an individual who is a novice with technology. Older patients or those not too familiar with technology may have difficulty downloading an application or using a complex platform. The team at HealthStencil have simplified this process making all handouts easily accessible with any browser. As long as you have an internet connection and a browser, you can access your handout.