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If you’re reading this blog, it’s highly likely that you’re a health professional looking to enhance your patients’ experience. Congratulations! You are a special, kindred spirit that we would like to warmly welcome into the HealthStencil community.

Create On Your Terms

At HealthStencil, we believe in making medicine magical, and what better place to start than by engaging patients through better communication. Scrawling something quickly on paper that can be lost is a recipe for poor compliance. With our WYSIWYG solution, you can type content quickly; highlight, bold or underline important sections; use custom shortcuts; and choose templates from our sidebar with a click of a button. This can then be sent to your patient as a permanent weblink via QR code, email, or SMS, so that they can access it anywhere on their smartphone.

Share resources

Why not use also include valuable online resources like pictures, instructional videos and links. In today’s age of misinformation, it is now more critical than ever to guide your patients to more trustworthy sources than a random walk through Google can.

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